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The Truth Behind MDP Falls Publicity

The Truth Behind MDP Falls Publicity-01-01-01-01

Simon Touch Company was partner with MDP Company (Automotive art) until 11 December 2018. Partnership based on agreement that all our new customers has the right to get their MDP Activation online by link, although clients waited days in front of their screen for one of automotive art company means MDP company to be on team viewer to install their software. 
Partnership was based on providing our existing customers fast support, warranty and fast shipping in case of new order or a hardware sent for repair.
MDP Company didn't respect our partnership agreement and every client struggled to get their software installed, some other who shipped back their tool for repair, one of our clients from Australia they even didn’t asked for his shipment and the customs destroyed it, client lost his money and his device. 
Defective items took weeks to be repaired or replaced with huge cost of repairing and shipping. 
All clients who bought from us MDP, their device is 100% Original with serial number from MDP Company, customer have the right to contact automotive art in case of repair.

Effective 10 December 2018, NO MORE WAITING! We will provide our clients

- Online activation in minutes.
- Online new functions activation in minutes.
- Life time warranty on our high quality PCB and Cables production.
- Big discount for all customers who wants to update to full.
Always at your service to provide free support.

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