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The Truth Behind MDP Falls Publicity

The Truth Behind MDP Falls Publicity-01-01-01-01

Simon Touch Company was partner with MDP Company (Automotive art) until 11 December 2018. Partnership based on agreement that all our new customers has the right to get their MDP Activation online by link, although clients waited days in front of their screen for one of automotive art company means MDP company to be on team viewer to install their software. 
Partnership was based on providing our existing customers fast support, warranty and fast shipping in case of new order or a hardware sent for repair.
MDP Company didn't respect our partnership agreement and every client struggled to get their software installed, some other who shipped back their tool for repair, one of our clients from Australia they even didn’t asked for his shipment and the customs destroyed it, client lost his money and his device. 
Defective items took weeks to be repaired or replaced with huge cost of repairing and shipping. 
All clients who bought from us MDP, their device is 100% Original with serial number from MDP Company, customer have the right to contact automotive art in case of repair.

Effective 10 December 2018, NO MORE WAITING! We will provide our clients

- Online activation in minutes.
- Online new functions activation in minutes.
- Life time warranty on our high quality PCB and Cables production.
- Big discount for all customers who wants to update to full.
Always at your service to provide free support.


AVDI + ATC01 - 699 EUR 

ABRITES Key and Module replacement set for Mercedes-Benz (includes MN026, ZN002 PROTAG, ZN036 IR Adapter and ZN051 Distribution Box) - 1999 EUR

- PSA BSI Exchange set (includes PN015 and PN016) - 1999 EUR

- AVDI Key Package v10 SOFTWARE ONLY - 15499 EUR (includes VN003, VN006, VN009, PO008, NN006, FN017, MI007, HK008, VL004, FR008, BK002, BN010, BN012, BN013, ON013, RR012, RR015, RR017, KT012, DF002, TN007, MN026, PN016, JL002, SB001)

- AVDI Full Package v13 SOFTWARE ONLY - 23999 EUR

(VN001, VN002, VN003, VN004, VN005, VN006, VN007, VN009, VN010, PO006, PO008, PO009, NN006, FN013, FN014, FN015, FN017, MI005, MI007, HK007, HK008, VL003, VL004, FR005, FR008, FR009, BK002, BN010, BN011, BN012, BN013, ON010, ON013, ON014, RR011, RR012, RR014, RR015, RR016, RR017, KT012, DF002, TN007, CR006, CR007, MN020, MN021, MN026, MN027, PN009, PN015, PN016, JL002, JL003, SB001)

- 25% discount on ALL special functions (includes packages listed in our pricelist)

Please note any order sent after  14 December will not be considered .

JLR 2018+ Update

- NEW JLR DOCTOR 2018+ Cover the new Range Rover/Land Rover Velar
- Latest 2018+ HPLA Version, New KVM/BCM Synchronization function

DPLA-14C104-C NEW Free to all our clients DPLA-14C184-AM NEW
FK72-14C104-BA NEW BJ32-14C184-AC NEW
FK72-14C104-BB NEW CPLA-14C184-AE NEW
FK72-14C104-BC NEW CPLA-14C184-AF NEW
FK72-14C104-BD NEW GX73-14C184-AJ
FK72-14C104-BE NEW GX73-14C184-AK
FK72-14C104-BF NEW GX73-14C256-AH
BH42-14C184-AA NEW

ELF European Locksmith Federation Convention IN Portugal

We would like to invite all customers to purchase DiagProg4 – Package FULL
If you order DiagProg4 – Package Full Dashboard under this promotion you can save more than 3000 euro.

Terms & conditions: DiagProg4 –Package Full Dashboard – 6 499,00 Euro*

* DiagProg4 – Package Full Dashboard – includes all updates released until the day of purchase. 
* Price does not include any updates released after the day of purchase.
* Diagprog4 - Package Latino - is excluded from the promotion 
(DiagProg 4 -regular price – 9599,00 euro)

Valid till 20 June | Shipping excluded
For more info kindly contact our sales department
Skype Sales: Sales@KeyProgTools
Sales Email:


We warmly invite all of you to meet us at ELF European Locksmith Federation Convention IN Portugal

Porto City  in  25- 26 - 27 may  stand number 7  - Floor 2 Porto Room



- Program keys with or without existing key.
- Read password direct from Motorola and NEC EIS.
- Read password form Motorola, Nec, BGA, China and aftermarket key and keyless type.
- Renew, Adapt, Personalize, code and Activate used EIS/ESL/ECU/TCU/7G/ISM/DSM and ESM On table or by OBD.
- Renew and program all key version types Motorola/NEC/BE/EB/China and aftermarket key types.
- Renew and program NEC keyless type.
- Emergency Start when all keys are lost.
- Key calculation in seconds.
- ESL/ELV Calculation in seconds.
- EIS Mileage and Vin correction.
- ESL Doctor and SSC included.
- EIS Key tester included
- Distribution BOX Included.

Package contains

- MB Clinic tool
- MB Clinic OBD tool
- MB IR Key tool
- MB EIS Key tester
- MB NEC Adapter
- MB ESL Adapter
- MB Motorola Adapter
- MB Motorola Zif socket
- MB Motorola backup socket
- MB NEC General Adapter
- MB Distribution Adapter
- MB EIS Cable
- MB K-line Cable
- USB Cable


We would like to invite all customers to purchase Update FULL at "CHRISTMAS PROMOTION 2017" for DiagProg4 Diagnostic tool for cars – Package FULL, FULL USA, FULL BRAZIL.

Terms & conditions: 
DiagProg4 – UPDATE FULL* – Promotional price 3299,00 euro gross.

*DiagProg4 – UPDATE FULL* - includes all available updates for package FULL , FULL USA or FULL BRAZIL on the day of purchase.

Do not wait – order today and use software - DiagProg4!!!
Promotion is only available for updates for DiagProg4 diagnostic tester - Package FULL, FULL USA or FULL BRAZIL.

Promotion runs between 06.12.2017 and 20.12.2017 or while stock lasts.

Christmas Promotion effective 4 December till 15 December 2017.

*AVDI – 699 EUR
* Abrites Mercedes key and module replacement set:
MN026 + ZN051 + ZN036 + TA14 + TA15 = 1850 EUR
(PROTAG is required for Mercedes key learning and not included in the price )
*BMW Full Package –2929 EUR
*VAG full Package-5599 EUR (ZN002,ZN051,ZN052,ZN053 and EM003 are all required to use this package fully)
*Full package for FCA vehicles – 1899 EUR (all FN0XX and CR0XX special functions)
*Full package for GM – 1199 EUR (all ON0XX special functions)
*Full package for Toyota and Subaru -1199 EUR (all TN0XX and SB0XX special functions)
*Full package for Ford/Mazda and Jaguar/Land Rover -1 699 EUR (all FR0XX and JL0XX special functions)
*French cars pack – 4199 EUR (all RR0XX and PN0XX special functions)
*AVDI full - special functions ONLY = 18 699 EUR need to add hardware interface 699 eur
* 20% discount on all other special functions
* Any BMW function 30% discount
* Any Vag function 20% discount
* Any FCA function 35% discount
* Any BMW function 30% discount
* Any Subaru function 30% discount
* Any Ford/ Mazda function 35% discount
* Any Frensh car functions 35% discount

shipping NOT included
P.S: For any activation AMS must be valid.


NEW AUDI BCM2 Update V11 Covers new BCM Versions free to all Audi BCM2 Customers.

Firmware version: 3.2311

1. A4: BCM2 Updated Part number:8K0907064CQ

2. A5: BCM2 Updated Part number:8K0907289C

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