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AVDI for VAG version 28.4

AVDI for VAG version 28.4

In version 28.4 you can expect to see the following: - Improved EDC16 IMMO OFF functionality - now made for about 30 sec. - Added dashboards VDO NEC (Q3/RS3) by OBD II for key learning and cluster calibration. Depending on whether you need cluster calibration or key learning you will need VN002 or VN003/ AN046/ AN050 and a valid AMS - Added gateways for component protection for A1 (8U0). Free for all owners of VN002/AN052 and a valid AMS. - Added finding of 7th byte for Megamos48 via TA26 device. Free for all owners of VN003/ AN050, TA26, PROTAG and a valid AMS. - Added read/write by boot pin for EDC/ MED 17 ECUs with Infineon TC1782. Free for all owners of VN004/ AN054 with a valid AMS

AVDI for Ford/ Mazda version 6.9

AVDI for Ford/ Mazda version 6.9

In this version you can expect the following 1. 1.5TDCI stage 6 module initialization. With this you can exchange the 1.5 TDCI ECUs in FORD vehicles. Free for all owners of the FR008 special function and a valid AMS. 2. New service function added - Speed limiter settings. Covers models Fiesta, Focus, Connect, Courier, BMax, CMax, Mondeo, Galaxy, Kuga, SMax, Ranger, Edge. Using this function you can readjust the speed limiter on FORD vehicles depending on the country the car is located and the local speed limits. Free for all users with a valid AMS.

AVDI for FIAT/ Alfa Romeo/ Lancia/ FCA version 7.0

AVDI for FIAT/ Alfa Romeo/ Lancia/ FCA version 7.0

With version 7.0 we worked hard to bring you the following new additions to the AVDI software: - Added support for Magneti Marelli MJD 9DF - Read/Write Conf Data, Make Virgin. This function will be free for all owners of FN015 and a valid AMS. - Fiat 500X Instrument Cluster Calibration. This function will be free for all owners of FN013 and a valid AMS. - Fiat Freemont Instrument Cluster Calibration. This function will be free for all owners of FN013 and a valid AMS. - Jeep Cherokee 2014+ Instrument Cluster Calibration. This function will be free for all owners of FN013 and a valid AMS. - BCM Magneti Marelli with Fujitsu MB91465P + 95640 - Read/Write Conf Data - Free for all owners of FN017 with a valid AMS

Abrites diagnostics for BMW/ Mini version 30.8

AVDI for BMW/ Mini version 30.8

Includes many changes to procedures as well as many new guided functions for ease of usage and brand new guided functions. In all the new AVDI for BMW/ Mini have great improvements in terms of usage. Now we offer easy to follow steps and much more linear options. Service workshop have many benefits when talking about DPF regeneration, calibrations of many actuators. One of the biggest new additions is the reset adaptation of 6 and 8 HP gearboxes by ZF. Some of these new service functions include:
- Adjustment of starting torque for E70 models
- Smooth running control for DDE and DDE2 for E and F series
- EGS Reset adaptation 6HP & 8HP for E & F(8HP only for E series.
The functions above will be available for all customers with a valid AMS.

TA27 Renault Mégane III / Laguna III PCB (4 button type)

avdi ta27 renault megane laguna pcb

We introduced our new product - the TA27 key PCB for Renault Mégane III / Laguna III PCB (4 button type)

Abrites TA27 key PCB applicable for Renault Mégane III / Laguna III.

TA27 PCB is the next product developed by our team to assist our customers in key learning for these models. The key PCB will require a plastic cover in order to fit in the car and to be learned in it. As usual the TA27 falls under the strict Abrites quality control standards and is made in our own production facility.

Using the TA27  can solve the problem of finding the hard to source key cards for the Renault Mégane III / Laguna III platform. The PCB comes fully equipped to enter the plastic cover and be learned to the vehicle. They also have a remote control which is automatically learned with the key using the Abrites Diagnostics for Renault software.

20% discount on special functions during the Spring Promo 2017

During the Spring Promo of 2017 from Monday, March 27th 2017 to Sunday, April 2nd 2017 we will offer a 20%  discount on all software special functions. The discount is not valid for the sets below and the VAG functions. Any software purchased for a total amount higher than 15 000 EUR per interface will receive a 25% discount instead of the 20% regular discount. In this case a 5% discount will be applied to the VAG functions.


promo-avdi web

During the days of the AVDI Spring Promotion 2017 we proudly present our entry level product - the AVDI Vehicle Diagnostic Interface for the discounted price of 749 EUR. For this price you will have access to all our basic diagnostic software with which you can perform diagnostics, reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, live values, electronic module identification and other free functions including the J2534 Pass thru driver. It will allow you to perform diagnostics with OEM diagnostic software through your AVDI. For this price we include also free special functions such as DPF OFF and flash updating for all electronic modules in VAG. The set will also come with our small military grade tough case so you could take your AVDI everywhere. This set will open the door to the unlimited possibilities in automotive diagnostics.

Now at 749 EUR excluding VAT/ shipping


promo-protag web

During the 2017 Spring Promo we want to help you in getting your PROTAG and TAG software at a lower cost, for that time you can have it 136 EUR cheaper which is a great opportunity to improve your toolset. If you are looking to get started in key programming but you are not sure what the best option is - it is surely the PROTAG and TAG key tool software.

Now at 699 EUR excluding VAT/ shipping


promo-avdiprotag web

Key starter set will include the AVDI PROTAG - the key programmer produced by our company. Using this tool you will get access to our TAG key 

tool software and with it you will be able to program keys by immobilizer dump for vehicles from 1994 to 2017. On top of that this is an outstanding tool for the locksmith as the hardware can be built upon using software special functions to program keys from all the supported brands, including Infrared keys, key cards and virtually any key currently in our support range. On top of that you get our small military grade tough case so you

 could take your AVDI and PROTAG everywhere. This set will open the door to the unlimited possibilities in both automotive diagnostics and automotive blacksmithing.

Now at 1399 EUR excluding VAT/ shipping

Porsche set - Only at 899 EUR

For the Spring Promo we would like to offer you the AVDI Spring Promo Porsche set (PO006 + PO007) for the discounted price of 899 EUR. Using the PO006 and PO007 special functions you will be able to do everything a Porsche specialist needs to do - adaptations, corrections, advanced diagnostics - live values, module identification, actuator testing, headlight replacement and many other functions unthinkable for an aftermarket Porsche tool. You will have full OEM coverage at a fraction of the cost.
Please note that if you need key learning by dump from BCM you will need the KT012 software. It requires both AVDI and a PROTAG programmer.

Now at 899 EUR excluding VAT/ shipping

VAG KEY SET - Only at 2 990 EUR


This spring we are happy to offer the AVDI VAG key set. This includes special function VN003. You can use this software in order to program keys by OBD and by dump for all VAG vehicles we support. In order to use this tool you will need to have an AVDI and PROTAG.

Now at 2 990 EUR excluding VAT/ shipping

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