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Since 1997, Simon Touch has been a leader in the automotive industry with a full engineering team providing solutions and software's for different security systems, and diagnostics problems.


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CanGateway MB Easy and OBDII

CanGateway Easy + OBDII
To meet the expectations of our customers, we have prepared a new set of filters CanGateway Easy and CanGateway OBDII

CANGateway Easy OBDII

, specially dedicated to Mercedes car - model 2013.

CanGateway Easy and CanGateway OBDII are designed for Mercedes cars model: C (W204), C (205), E (W207), S (W222), GLK (

New filters CanGateway characterized by the effective operation of the quality and the amount of performance, but also easy and simple to install in the car.X204), E (W212), CLS (W218), SLS (W197), CLA (W117), ML (W166), GL (X166), SLK (R172), A (W176), SL (R231), B (W246) and G (W463-06/2012), V (447).

New filters CanGateway EASY and CanGateway OBDII can be used in Mercedes C (W205), V (W447) and S (W222).

Cangateway MB Easy and OBDII main features:
- Stable and reliable software,
- Easy installation in the car,
- Small size,
- Precisely tested before the release,
- Can't be detected by diagnostic testers.

CANGateway Easy CANGateway OBDII CanGateway Easy OBDII

CANGateway Easy 
CANGateway Easy and OBDII

CanGateway Easy - Blocking data transmission from EZS to odometer - Power supply - 12V - Easy installation in the car
CanGateway OBDII ** - Filtration of diagnostic commands from the EZS - Power supply - 12V - Easy installation in the car
** CanGateway OBDII requires installation of CanGateway EASY!

Conditions of purchase:
- CanGateway EASY - (numerator) - 99 EUR / pc *
- CanGateway OBDII ** - (diagnostic connector) - 49 EUR / pc *
- CanGateway EASY + CanGateway OBDII - Set - 119 EUR / set *